CLAMP Manga Coloring Icontest ~

CLAMP Manga Coloring Icontest ~
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A icontest for your CLAMP manga colored icons ~

Welcome to clamp_colors, a weekly CLAMP manga coloring incontest based on clamp_icontest and clamp_hush. A manga coloring icontest, is a contest where each week, a theme will be posted. The challenge itself, is to make a colored icon using just images from any of the several works of CLAMP. You can make a simple colored icon, or use the colored part as a base for a new icon. This community was founded and is maintained by undini and jigglypuff.
1. Respect and courtesy must be maintained in this community. In other words, if you cause trouble, you'll be kicked out.This is a icon challenge for fun and the competitions shouldn't be intense. Be nice!
2. You can enter 3 (three) icons per challenge.
3. CLAMP Manga Colored icons only! Meaning you can just use Black & White manga.
4. Icons entered cannot be posted to other places until the challenge is over.
5. Do not use livejournal as a hosting site. Make a free account to host your icons on sites such as Photobucket or Imageshack.
6. Submitted icons must be compatible with LiveJournal; 100x100 and 40 kb, and only .jpg, .gif, and .png file formats.
7. Make sure to have fun! ^^.

A brand new theme will be posted every week on Saturday @ 2PM EST, after the current week's voting post. If you want to participate in the current theme, be sure to check the deadline, which is Sarturday at 12PM. Once you know you are on time, you need to submit this way:

Character/Series: Zashiki Warashi/xxxHOLiC
URL: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p297/lozt_soul/clampcolors_icon.png

You can make changes to your icon or swap it with a new one up until the deadline, but please leave a comment letting us know or we may not notice/realize and will upload your older version.
Voting will be posted on Saturday @ 2PM EST before the new theme post.
1. You must be a member to participate. Meaning watchers cannot vote nor partake.

2. You must vote for 4 icons per theme. These are 1st(3 points), 2nd(2 points) and 3rd(1 point) Place and for the Special Category. (Point system by fatali @ ff_awards.) The voting format is:

First, Second, Third, Special Category
01, 02, 03, 04

3. Do not vote for the same icon twice.
4. Do not vote for yourself.
5. Be fair when voting. Not just because it's your favorite series/character or you know who did the icon.

The Special Category is picked randomly just before voting opens. This place is awarded to the icon that receives the most votes for the special category. The six categories are:

Most Creative: The icon that shows the most originality from the others through its cropping, blending, captioning, or typography, etc.
Most Emotional: The icon that has the biggest emotional impact on the viewer compared to the other icons. The image and/or text is very well chosen and evokes any strong feeling.
Best Adaption: The icon that represents the theme the best through both the chosen image and text.
Best Caption: The icon that has the best text content. This means the words' actual meaning matches the icon well. This can be well-chosen lyrics, a good phrase, or even a single, effective word. Don't confuse this with Best Typography!
Best Color: The icon that stands out from the rest color-wise. It has the most effective use of color, whether it's faded, vivid, monotone, or duotone, etc.
Best Typography: The icon with the best treatment of text regardless of text content. This applies to the physical appearance of the words on the icon and can include good use of dingbats. Good text placement also plays a role in good typography. Don't confuse this with Best Caption!
All the winners will receive a custom-made banner made by one of our made-of-awesome banner makers.

Current Bannermakers:
staticlights Week 01, Week 04, Week 07
catastrophiel Week 02, Week 05, Week 08
dark_moon_angel Week 03, Week 06, Week 09

If you want to be a banner-maker, please comment in this post with one or two samples.

Past Winners:

Under Construction

Week Theme
01: Artist's Choice chibikaitou Here Pending
02: Females anime_girl193 Here Pending
03: Kobato ria_chan Here Here
04: Angst neonclover Here Pending
05: Chibi Current Current None


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