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12 November 2007 @ 06:34 pm
Due to the low number of submissions in the recent weeks and almost NO participation from our members, clamp_colors will go on HIATUS. This won't last like forever, but we will try find out the problems that are causing this and in order to do it we need as much Feedback as we can get from all the members through this post. We need to know what we can do to make our members feel inspired to participate in the themes each week. if you don't have any ideas, try aswering these two questions :

1. Is it better to always use provided bases/scans or just the way we have been doing it until now ? Or maybe two themes per week : a free one and a provided one ?
2. What are some the themes you'd like to see/participate in ?

And again, if you're a member of this community please help us make it more interesting for you all members' enjoyment commenting here with your thoughts, one line is enough ^^.

NOTE: Thankz to the two members who submitted for the Week 18 : Halloween, we appreciate your cooperation but the voting won't be posted due to the low number submissions as explained above, we're sorry.

25 October 2007 @ 08:51 am
Please remember to submit your icons for Week 18: "Halloween". We currently have 2 icons. For this theme, you just have to make a Halloween-ish icon, free interpretation (colors, lyrics or something related to these holidays). Submit your icons to this post before Saturday the 27th, 3 PM EST.
22 October 2007 @ 10:19 am
Theme ~
Our 18th Week's theme will be "Halloween". You'll have to make an icon conveying the Halloween feeling, you can interpret it with colors (orange, black for example), images or lyrics. But it has to be somehow related to the Halloween holidays. Original idea from higurashiawards.

Submission Rules ~

You have to submit this way:

Character/Series: Zashiki Warashi/xxxHOLiC
URL: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p297/lozt_soul/clampcolors_icon.png
[additional information and/or specific resource credits if applicable]

~ You may submit up to 3 (THREE) icons.
~ You have to be member in order to partake in the challenge.
~ CLAMP Manga Colored icons only! Meaning you can just use Black & White manga.
~ Submitted icons must be compatible with LiveJournal; 100x100 and 40 kb, and only .jpg, .gif, and .png file formats.
~ Don't advertise your icons, neither make your friends vote for you. (No fake accounts, we DO check IP Addresses).
~ Doujinshi is NOT accepted. CLAMP Original Manga only.
~ Please credit outside sources (e.g. brushes, textures, bases, lyrics, quotes).
~ You may provide translations/definitions (e.g. foreign languages, tiny text, large words).
~ If you change/edit your submission let me know so I can replace/upload the right one.
~ And the most important one: Have fun coloring !.

You have until Saturday, October the 27th at 3:00 PM EST.

Have fun coloring ~
17 October 2007 @ 09:37 am
Heytz! We have the winners for Week 17: "Ran/C". Thanks to all of you that submitted icons for this week as well as the ones that took the time to cast their votes ^^. And special congratulations to the winners. And these are ...

Winners ?Collapse )

If you placed this week and will want a banner, indicate so in your comment please. Or you will not receive one. The banner maker this week is catastrophiel, and she will have them done as soon as possible.

Also, bannermakers if you need to check the schedule, it's here at the profile. Please remember there are members waiting for their banners so don't make them wait so long to get them.
14 October 2007 @ 11:08 am
Sorry for having neglected this community like for a month, I'm really sorry. I know we still have active members, who will help me make this community grow again. We have 3 wonderful submissions this "week". Thanks to all of those who took the time to submit for this week ^^. And in order to have good and explicit results we need as many votes as we can get, specially from those who submitted.

In order to vote, you should comment to this post with the First best overall icon. The voting should look like this:

First Place


Voting Rules

~ You must be a member to vote.
~ You must vote for a total of three icons and the Special Category.
~ Vote for the best/most appropriate icons overall, not your favourite series/character/etc.
~ Do not vote for your own icon.
~ No voting for the same icon twice.
~ Don't get people to vote for you.
~ We check IP Addresses so NO multiple accounts.

Voting ends tommorrow October 15th, at 6:00 PM EST.

Wii ~Collapse )